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Brand: Elliott E-Line (R-120-2)
Model: E-Line E120S
Description: The E120S is simply the most complete and versatile aerial available. Featuring 122’ of working height and 77’ horizontal work reach, as well as 360° continuous rotation, almost no job is out of reach.
Even remote areas are within range as this boom is mounted on an all-wheel drive 6x6 chassis that doesn’t mind getting dirty.
Equipped with a spacious 34”x72” platform there is ample room for two workers, their tools and supplies. What’s more, the platform is self-leveling and has 180° rotation to assure you work can be performed in an optimal and safe position.
Supplies and equipment can easily be handled in the platform with the standard 1,500-pound capacity jib winch.
Both electric and hydraulic tools can be used in the platform thanks to the 110-volt outlet and dual hydraulic leads that come standard on this unit. The power is always on with the hydraulically driven power generator. An intercom system from the platform to the operator station assures that those in the air are always in communication with those on the ground.
An operator station at the turret offers the comfort of seated control and the safety of ride-around positioning insuring the operator has clear view of the boom.
Radio remote control offers yet another operating alternative. This system can control up to three functions simultaneously. It has an operating range 120’.
The E120S is mounted on a 60,000 GVW chassis. Even with the stout aerial, the truck will support more than three tons additional weight on the rear axle. This capacity is important for hauling tools, equipment and supplies to the jobsite.
In addition to our dedication to useful features, Capitol Equipment is committed to the safety of our customers. With this in mind, the E120S is equipped with brawny 20’ out-and-down outriggers. These outriggers are interfaced with a brainy boom rotation lockout system to prevent operation where safety is at risk.
The E120S is supported by a full length integrated sub-frame, in addition to the chassis frame. This provides even great strength and stability.

The unit is equipped with an 18 foot bed treated with a non-slip surface for added security while on the bed.

Work lights and beacons are mounted on the boom to assure safety in most lighting conditions.
Year: 2006
Make: Sterling
Model: LT9513
Year: 2006
GVWR: 60,000
Crane Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Platform Capacity: 122 feet
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Monthly Rate: Contact Capitol
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